BORNSAGE collections are inspired by east-west fusion design with an emphasis on simplicity, durability, practicality and above all comfort for your baby. All garments adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to ensure their organic status, from the harvesting of raw materials through to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.  This means you can be sure that whatever BORNSAGE produces, it’s not only organic but it’s made with fair trade practices.  At BORNSAGE, we believe that organic clothing should not be a privilege, but that everyone should have the choice to clothe their babies in pure, natural luxury.  Making clothes that last, that are made with sustainable and organic fabrics and elements are of great importance to us.  Its not just about appearing to care about the future, its about giving people the chance to choose to reduce their carbon footprint through offering clothes that are made with strict organic certification practices.

BORNSAGE is the creation of Hema Kumar, an Indian-born Australian currently residing in Berlin, Germany. A designer at heart with a passion for textiles, she set out to express her notion of the newborn child as a pure and free spirit in a line of clothing. The BORNSAGE concept was conceived over a Creole curry on a balmy night in Mauritius with this in mind.