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Is Green the new Black?


Below is part of an article from Australia’s wellbeing.com.au discussing why organic fabrics are becoming more popular…  Check out the full article here:  http://www.wellbeing.com.au/article/Greenliving/Features/Is-green-the-new-black_926#.T2bfDLG2qTs.email Friendly fibres Organic cotton Throughout its entire lifecycle, from planting to processing, organic cotton clothing incorporates environmentally sound processes. Organic cotton is non-genetically modified. It’s certified to be grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides, so it’s meeting consumers’ demands for a clean, green product. Organic cotton was one of the first types of new “green” clothing. However, it does not offer as high

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New look & shop!


Our new website look is now live!  We are also very proud to announce our new web shop.  All garments are deliverable to Australia and the UAE…now you can shop online for your favourite BORNSAGE styles direct from us!

Natural Dye


Natural dyeing has been an age old tradition in India, recent invention of chemical dyes and their excessive usage has caused health related problems. The vegetable dyed and printed fabrics adorned homes not only in India but to the homes of the western world also. The people who are conscious to the environment have been searching for alternatives to synthetic dyes. This has led to the reinvention of natural dyes. Natural dyes are obtained from renewable resources and the usage of these dyes contributes the conservation of nature. As the

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